Party: CTM 2018 - Caustic / Cohesion

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CTM 2018 - Caustic / Cohesion

Club: Berghain / Panorama Bar (OFFICIAL)

Upcoming: 515
Date: 26.01.2018 23:00
Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany | show on the map »

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Party: CTM 2018 - Caustic / Cohesion

Berghain | CTM 2018 - Caustic: CELESTIAL TRAX (live) | Nene H. (live) | Borusiade | Boys Noize | JASSS | Yeşim

Panorama Bar | CTM 2018 - Cohesion: Dengue Dengue Dengue | Elena Colombi | Esa | RAMZi | Uta

26. Januar 2018 | Einlass & Beginn: 23:00 h / Doors & Start: 11 pm | Eintritt ab 18 Jahre! / x-rated | Bitte beachtet das Fotografieverbot / Please respect our no-photos policy | Abendkasse / Pay on the door 15 Euro


Die CTM-Opening-Party steht ganz unter dem diesjährigen Festivalmotto Turmoil – Aufruhr. Als gesellschaftskritisches Festival stellt CTM in diesem Jahr die Frage, welche Möglichkeiten Musik in Zeiten innerer und äußerer Aufruhr hat. Die Künstler beantworten dies heute Nacht auf unterschiedlichste Weise. Kurz vor Erscheinen des zweiten Albums seiner STRICTLY RAW-Serie kommt Boys Noize zum CTM ins Berghain, um ein exklusives, vom Festivalthema inspiriertes DJ-Set zu spielen, das die Energie und den Geist von Punk mit der Intensität von rohem Techno, klassischem Rave und Industrial fusioniert. Brooklyns Celestial Trax wird ein Live-Set spielen, das seine Vorliebe für cineastische, schwer zuschlagende Club-Psychedelia zeigt. Ein futuristisches DJ-Set kann man von JASSS erwarten, die einen Bogen von wiggy Electro zu EBM über Punk und Jazz spannt. Der in London lebende Südafrikaner Esa hat kürzlich eine Debüt-EP auf Dekmantel veröffentlicht und verbindet groovigen House mit Samples von traditionellen Vocals und akustischen Rhythmus-Erzeugern. Nene H bringt mit einer Vorliebe für alles Verzerrte psychedelischen, türkischen Folk mit rohen, körnigen Technotexturen zusammen und hat damit auf Bedouin ein Zuhause gefunden. Ihren Künstlernamen, der sich auf die türkische Volksheldin Nene Hatun aus dem 19. Jahrhundert bezieht, versteht sie als Hommage an unabhängige Frauen in der Türkei.

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Founder of longstanding, nonconformist collective Boysnoize Records, Boys Noize established himself as one of the worldʼs preeminent wizards behind the decks and created a sound that is peerless, uncompromising and enduring, flying in the face of convention at every turn. Preceding the release of the second volume of his STRICTLY RAW album series, he will play an exclusive Turmoil-inspired DJ set, capturing the energy and spirit of punk and fused with the power of raw techno, classic rave, and industrial. Nene H’s rough, grating textures and command of all things distorted have found their home on Bedouin records. Her moniker was taken in honour of a 19th-century Turkish folk heroine, paying tribute to independent women in Turkey and infusing Turkish folk elements into contemporary techno hybrids.
Brooklyn’s Celestial Trax will deliver a live set exposing his penchant for cinematic, heavy-hitting club psychedelia. He appears fresh of the release of his late 2017 album, Nothing Is Real, for which he first reached the point of creative purge, deleting almost all his samples, sample packs, and software synths. Fueled by ideas of rebirth and true self-projection, he amassed a new library comprised of field recordings from New York City, plus samples from his own cassettes, vinyl, and YouTube search history. Borusiade appears with a DJ set in support of her latest EP on Cómeme, which sees the producer delve into darker EBM terrain with an array of opaque, powerfully rhythmic tunes. Mannequin record signee JASSS is known for future-facing DJ sets that span a myriad of influences from wiggy electro and EBM to punk and jazz; Yeşim curates the monthly female:pressure radio show on Byte.FM, aside from running the Erdogay and Bubble queer party series in Hamburg and creating passionately varied DJsets spanning hip hop to techno.
Upstairs, Lima, Perú’s duo Dengue Dengue Dengue will bring a tropical storm of electronic psychedelia spanning rhythmic traditions from cumbia, dub, and salsa to footwork, tribal, and techno. Integrating elements from Caribbean, jazz, dub, balearic, and video game music, RAMZi breathes a second wind into tropical house creations. South African Londoner and musical polymath Esa Williams, whose debut EP was recently released via Dekmantel, propels groovy house infused with samples of traditional vocals and acoustic rhythm-makers into the ether. London’s Elena Colombi hosts a popular NTS show promulgating cold-edged synth sounds at their most experimental. Uta, a member of the Through My Speakers collective, will whip up a set of future bass music, grime, and breaks.